Superbloom at Antelope Valley

by Pansy

Spectacular poppy field at Antelope Valley during the California Superbloom 2017

After a stay in Bakersfield following our successful hunt for Superbloom wildflowers in the Carrizo Plains, we set out for the nearby Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve early the next morning. As it turns out, we spent so much time at smaller poppy fields on the way to and just outside the reserve that we never made it inside the actual reserve by the time we got hungry for lunch! The field next to the reserve had dense clusters of bright golden orange poppies with a number of other people there also, so we just had to stop and wander for a bit and take some pictures, and the next thing we knew a couple of hours had passed already, and it had been almost four hours since we started our trip! As you can see, I had a lot of fun there that day .

The vast fields of bright poppies on a bright and beautiful mid-April day was truly a beautiful and amazing sight. Despite all the pictures I had seen beforehand, there is nothing like experiencing it in person and I’m so glad we made the trip. We even made a new doggy friend there that day 🙂


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