Superbloom at the Carrizo Plain

by Pansy

California Superbloom Carrizo Plain

California Superbloom Carrizo Plain

California Superbloom Carrizo Plain


California Superbloom Carrizo Plain


After seeing pictures of the Superbloom wildflowers at the Carrizo Plain National Monument in Southern California, we knew that we had to make a stop on our way to Los Angeles. Although it was near the end of the season in April, it did not disappoint, as we were treated to stunning views of fields and mountain-sides covered with wildflowers. The vivid yellow and bright orange contrasted stunningly with the deep blue waters of Soda Lake, while white and purple wildflower patches peeked through along our walks and hike. Is there anything more beautiful than nature’s palette?

The Carrizo Plain National Monument is located about 170 miles northwest of Los Angeles between San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield. It is a vast and remote area that came alive with wildflowers this year due to the unusually wet winter after a long draught.

These photos were captured from several different locations: in fields just outside the national monument along 7 Mile Road, at the Soda Lake overlook inside the monument, and from along a path up one of the mountain ranges. We are so happy to have witnessed this rare #SuperBloom in California!

For more pictures of the wildflowers at the national monument, see the Bureau of Land Management’s Flickr’s album.

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